The Many Lives of Nancy

Image retrieved from Pintrest

A cartoon hero best known for her mischievous antics, Nancy Ritz's life seems like that of any ordinary 8-year old, with a few exceptions. Her best friend is an orphan who lives alone, she hangs out in her neighborhood haunted house, and, oh, she's remained the ripe old age of 8 for almost 85 years.

Kept alive through the minds and art of 8 cartoonists in sequence, Nancy's most recent storyteller is Guy Gilchrist. Gilchrist is a testment to perpetual life, having survived not one but two strokes. It's his passion for leaving the world a better place that inspires Gilchrist to keep this Tennessee girl's endless story alive.  

Would you like to find out more about Guy Gilchrist's exceptional life and his work with the Heart & Stroke Foundation?

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